Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Why Qt? This isn't a GUI app!

A: Yes, I know. However, Qt is a very robust, cross-platform, and fast application framework. You can use its "Core" library for console apps, servers, etc. It has great network support and other basic things a programmer needs to get stuff done.

Q: Why is the compiled binary called 'Fulcrum' (capital 'F') and not 'fulcrum' (lowercase 'f') as is customary on Linux/Unix?

A: Because I like capital letters, even on Linux. I also develop (this and other software) for macOS and Windows, and there, the Linux/Unix lowercase thing looks a little out of place. Perhaps my sensibilities have been affected by my win32 and macOS dev work, or perhaps I'm just unconventional. Embrace the lack of convention here! That being said, if the capital 'F' bothers you, feel free to rename it or represent it as 'fulcrum' wherever you like.

Q: Can Fulcrum be used with Electrum as well as Electron Cash?

A: Yes, Fulcrum is designed to be compatible with both Electrum and Electron Cash. It adheres to the Electrum protocol, making it a versatile server solution for different clients that use this protocol.

Q: What is the best way to secure my Fulcrum server?

A: Ensuring your Fulcrum server is secure is crucial. Use SSL/TLS to encrypt connections, employ strong authentication methods for your JSON-RPC server, and ensure your server is behind a firewall to limit access to authorized users only. Regularly updating the software to incorporate the latest security patches is also essential.

Q: What nodes are supported by Fulcrum?

A: Bitcoin Core (bitcoind), Bitcoin Cash Node (bitcoind), Bitcoin Unlimited (bitcoind), Litecoin Core (litecoind)

Q: How to run Fulcrum as a service on Windows?

A: Use nssm to create a Windows service for the executable file.

Q: Can I monitor Fulcrum with Prometheus?

A: Yes, you can use Axel Gembe's Fulcrum Prometheus exporter.

Q: How many active Fulcrum servers are there?

A: The total number is unknown, but here you can find a list of active monitored servers for BTC, BCH, and LTC.

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