Fulcrum: A fast & nimble SPV server for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC)


A fast & nimble SPV server for Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin BTC and Litecoin.


Getting Fulcrum:

Download the executables from this hyperlink. Fulcrum is available for Windows, Linux and Apple computers and requires access to the world wide web!

Download Fulcrum

Go to the Fulcrum Quickstart and Compilation Guide for usage and compilation instructions.


Always download the executables from the official source and verify the file signatures.

Supporting Fulcrum:

Electronic money can be sent to these addresses:

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This is project is lead by Calin Culianu. Everyone is free to contribute computer code.
Email me Send him an e-mail at calin.culianu@gmail.com (PGP key: 0x2031C02C)

Calin Culianu

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